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Dear Child, Please Arrive Exactly on Your Due Date

Hi Baby, you don’t have a name yet, but I’m sure your daddy and I will think of something before you arrive. We’ve been trying to find the perfect name since December 20th, the day we found out you were a boy, but no luck so far. What do you think of Alexander? Ronin? Arthur? Tristan? It’s hard naming a human we’ve never met.

A few days ago we got to see you on the ultrasound (first time since December – my how you’ve grown in those 16 weeks!). You have stubby fingers (from my dad’s side) and you waved at us. Hi honey. We are crazy about you already.

Quick favor though. It’s about this whole birth thing. Can we maybe bulls-eye the due date? The doctor said at this point you can come anytime, but let’s aim for the 10 May area, as planned. You see, Daddy is being sent on a business trip the week before, just for a few days, and will be back May 6th, so don’t come earlier than that, please. And your grandma (my mom) will be here May 4th – she’d never forgive you if you showed up before her. Daddy’s parents will also arrive May 6th, so maybe let’s shoot for the 8th-11th? Any of those days would be fine. And let’s try for quick delivery, ok? I’m ok with pain most of the time, but, honey, your head is huge. Try not to ruin me, ok?

There’s a lot of people who can’t wait to meet you and you are already so loved… let’s just stick to the 8th-11th plan and we’ll be off to a great start. 😉 Thanks kid.