Guys, why am I starting a blog? Procrastination most likely. I am a full-time graduate student at the University of mumblemumble and I have a very large essay I should be working on. Yet, having interrupted my own studying to satisfy my random Sprite craving at the nearest Burger King, I find myself creating a blog instead of resuming my work.

First, I do not have time for a blog. Way too much going on.

Second, blogs are becoming the digital notebook – something new and fresh, inviting words and stoking creativity…. only to be discarded after a few posts.

But here’s the thing: if I only post randomly and infrequently, it will still be nice to have a place to unload the pregnancy/baby/mommyhood related thoughts that come crowding into my brain when I try to study.

It won’t be pretty (I’m creating a human here, okay? It’s messy business), but it will be honest.

This is me, joining the mommy club. Stick around to hear me rant.