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Enough of the “American Dream” //

Also, this girl knows what’s up. This post is like a month old, but still good as I contemplate staying home with our child, which would mean living on one income and stop being quite the spoiled, first-world citizens we’ve become. Which is great, if you ask me. Less is so much more. I am happiest in a hotel room because it is clean, sparse, and I have only what I need. I hope I can be a voice louder than American society to my child in this view.


At 25 years old, I spent my New Year’s Eve de-cluttering my home, donating bags and bags of clothing and other items, and watching a documentary on minimalism. It wasn’t a wild night out at a club, but it was exactly what I needed. It was enough.

Coming into the new year, I was thinking a lot about the “American dream.” I was thinking about how much we romanticize the hustle…the nonstop…the consumption…the “more is more” mentality and way of life. Our idea of success has turned into numbers: credit scores, salaries, number of bedrooms, numbers of friends, number of likes, number of followers. Meanwhile, this definition of success means that we have a country filled with people who got jobs they hated in order to make more money to have more stuff they don’t even like/want/need/use to live places they can’t afford that they don’t even like and live…

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