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Baby a nightowl?

I’m studying again (guess most of my posts will be the result of procrastinating homework) and it is well after midnight. To be clear, I am a morning person. Once I can convince myself to relinquish my warm feather comforter, I love being up with the sun and having a productive start to the day (which for me would mean yoga, devotions, breakfast and coffee, and maybe a finished chore or two). My husband, on the other hand, is the nightowl. He is impossible to wake up once he’s asleep, but that man has been known to accidentally stay up all night if a good book, programming/Photoshop project, or whatever has captured his interest.

This baby is his father’s son. His “witching hour” is when I am trying to go to sleep. Usually, this is around 11 and I fall asleep to him happily bouncing around what little space he has left in my stomach.

Tonight I am up way later than normal, and I keep getting distracted by watching my stomach move. That’s been a cool development over the last month. His kicks are now so strong that I can watch my tummy twitch and sway with his movements.

I hope his preference for nighttime activity does not carry over into post-birth, but for now it is nice to have the company while I write an essay at all hours.


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